How to Use Your Eyebrow Pencil


Ever stood in front of the mirror, eyebrow pencilĀ in hand, pondering how to handle your brows? There are so many ways to shape and style your eyebrows, and it can all be overwhelming.

If you do not know what you are doing, but you want your brows to bring their A-game, then we got your back!

Here is a list of general tips and tricks that you can try to raise your eyebrow game.

Start with the right eyebrow pencil

With so many brands and products out there, how do you find the best eyebrow pencil? There is no general top 1 eyebrow pencil since personal preference plays a great deal in this category. Think about what type of brows you are aiming for. Do you need more definition? Do you need to fill in some gaps or sparse spots? If you are unsure what your brow goals are, feel free to experiment with samples in the makeup counter until you find something that works!

Use flicking motions

When you are applying and using eyebrow products like an eyebrow pencil or angled brush, use flicking motions. Remember, the key to achieving natural-looking brows is tiny, hair-like strokes.

Start with a light application

When it comes to your brows, it is always easier to add product than to take it away. Start with a light layer, then build it up from there.

No to tail extensions

A lot of ladies make the common mistake of overextending the tails of their eyebrows. It not only looks fake but also causes a droopy effect that will make your eyes look sad. Your brows naturally stop at a spot that lifts your face, and you need to maintain that angle.

Do a believable arch

Pointed arches make you look surprised or mad all the time. If you desire to make a high arch or alter your brow shape, do it subtly. Look for your natural arch and then create a slight peak in that area.

Buff out harsh lines

Your brows will look more natural when you buff out the harsh lines. Otherwise, it will be obvious that you drew them on. Use a spoolie to buff out the hash lines by using it back and forth on the lines.

Use an eyebrow stencil

Some ladies have a hard time with eyebrow pencils because they have difficulty going freestyle and drawing symmetric brows. If you are one of them, you can get help with an eyebrow stencil. This will help you retain your brows’ natural shape and prevent you from going out of the lines. Eyebrow stencils are available in different sizes and shapes. You can also use them for experimenting with new looks and shapes for your eyebrows.

Never forget to blend

Blending is one of the most important steps in creating natural-looking brows. If you forget to blend, your eyebrows will look messy or have noticeable harsh lines.

Use concealer instead of highlighter

Most guides recommend placing a highlighter below your brows to highlight your eyebrow arch. Sometimes this puts too much attention on your arch. Instead, use a concealer on the area. Check your skin tone and go one shade lighter than it. This will help give the brow area a natural, brighter look.

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