The Basics Of Nordic Wall Art


Nordic art is a form of art made in Nordic countries. These countries include Denmark, Faroe Islands, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, among other associate nations. Over the years, Nordic art has become so popular. Currently, Nordic wall art is a hit in interior design. It helps bring balance and home to your home. In this post, we discuss Nordic wall art and interior décor.

What is Nordic wall art?

Nordic principles typically inspire nordic wall art. These principles are simplicity, minimalism, harmony, and, most importantly, well-being. Nordic wall art usually explores relationships between abstract elements, fantasy landscapes, philosophies or philosophical observations, and a sense of home. All these relationships are combined to come up with fantastic wall décor. Nordic art typically looks incredible. In addition to the aesthetic value, Nordic wall art also helps provide a sense of hope and inspiration. Note that Nordic wall art is a significant part of Nordic interior design.

Nordic Interior design

Nordic interior design was birthed in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden (Nordic countries). This style of interior design was established in the early 20th century. However, the Nordic style began gaining mainstream momentum and popularity in the 1930s. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that several designers began applying the style. This led to the emergence of the new era Nordic style.

Features of Nordic style

Below are some of the main characteristics of the Nordic style;

  • Minimalist furniture- this type of furniture is usually stripped bare and very simplistic. It is made using simple shapes. The shapes are put together to allow for proper functioning. In simpler terms, minimalist furniture is uncomplicated, light, and unadorned.
  • White walls- white walls help create a sense of peace and calm, which Nordic art is all about. It also amplifies the minimalist tendencies of this type of décor.
  • When you research Nordic style, Wooden floors are likely to find images of mountain lodges, blonde wood, and wooden floors. They are simple, and they help create a harmonious and composed space.

Defining principles of Nordic wall art

Below are three primary defining principles of Nordic wall art;

  • Neutral color palettes- this is an essential principle of Nordic wall design. This is because it helps provide profound flexibility. These palettes create a clean and elegant look.
  • Lots of white- use of all white is a synonymous element of Nordic design. The color white helps to create airiness and joy because it is an instant mood enhancer. White also helps to create simplicity and cleanliness, which is often very appealing.
  • Form and function- Nordic interior design is very keen on the elements of form and function. This means that all furniture used needs to be purposeful. This can be achieved without sacrificing aesthetics and attractive shapes. Note that this principle does not necessarily apply to wall art.


From Nordic art to minimalist and intricate wall décor, the market has so much to offer when it comes to décor options. Therefore, it would be wise if you took the time to research the available options before choosing art pieces for your home.

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