How to Buy High-Quality Hair Extensions


As you know, it takes several years to grow thick and healthy hair. For some people, it can be impossible. With hair extensions, you can add length and volume to the hair, making you look beautiful. Also, it can help build your self-confidence. You should note that getting the right hair extensions is not an easier task. That is because you need to determine your needs and check the available colors, prices, and types of extensions. You can even find virgin hair free shipping and discount codes.

Human Versus Synthetic Hair Extensions

First, you should determine whether to purchase synthetic or human hair extensions. The human ones are obtained from real hair, whereas the synthetic ones are made of synthetic materials. The good thing about human hair extensions is that they are easy to texture and style. Ideally, you can style them in different ways like you do with your natural hair. However, they are more expensive than synthetic ones.

Although synthetic hair extensions are cheaper, they cannot handle high temperatures. As a result, they melt when styling with the use of heat.

Hair Color

There is a need to determine the right hair color to suit your need. In any case, you need extensions that can blend well with the natural hair. Remember that if you cannot color your hair accordingly, it may result in an inconsistent and uneven appearance. In this way, it is easier to enjoy flawless results. Ensure you purchase hair extensions that match the hair color. You can find online stores that provide samples.

Type of Hair Extension

It does not matter whether you need permanent or temporary results; there are various types of hair extensions on the market. These are the common ones:

Sew-In Extensions

Sew-in extensions are quite popular. You can find them available in different textures, sizes, and colors. Ideally, you can use them to make various hairstyles without damaging your hair. When they are used as required, you can expect them to last for several months.


These types of hair extensions are made with closure and sew-in extensions. Usually, a closure and a few bundles of hair make a wig. The good thing about wigs is that they offer an excellent option for those that want to change their appearance.


Clip-in hair extensions are not popular. However, they are easy to use as you only need to clip them into your hair. That explains why they are great for women of different ages. Since they offer a temporary look, they are not ideal for events where they are likely to fall off.

Decide Your Budget

After considering various factors, you should make a decision regarding the amount of money to spend. Ideally, you should know the textures, brands, and types of hair extensions. Remember that some hair extensions are costlier than others. After deciding on the budget, you should compare the different options you have. Remember that high-quality extensions are those made of real human hair. Also, you should add up the cost of treating and styling your hair.

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