Nail gel (ongle gel) is a thin liquid fluid applied over natural nails or acrylics. In the presence of UV light, it turns into a hard coating that's chemical resistant. There are two types of nail gel, i.e., soft gel, which is broken down and removed by acetone, and...
purse Pouch (2)

Why The Small Man Bag Is Gaining Popularity

Two years ago, we wondered if the small man bag we saw on stylish men such as Virgil, as well as runway models, would take...

Trench Styles and What to Consider When Choosing Them

Trench coats have transitioned from being a men's only outerwear into the world of women. They have evolved and give a touch of class...

Why are customized name chains so trendy?

The truth is, not many people are super interested in wearing long and heavy chains around their necks. That is why most of these...

How to Carry a Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are the new craze! These trendy bags have won the hearts of both young and old from all walks of life. In...

Coats for Winter 2018

Winter is coming. We don't want to look unprepared. We have drawn the popular jacket trend and style in 2018. Look at the galleries to...
Lolita clothes

Ultimate Guideline on How to Choose Lolita Clothes Outfit

As a beginner, looking for quality Lolita clothes to invest in is a challenge. This is brought about by the fact that there are very...
Nigerian Lace

The Beauty of the Nigerian Lace

The beautiful Nigerian Lace. The Nigerian lace is often known for its colorful nature. In the country where it comes from, it often means...

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