Can I Appy False Eyelashes Without Eyelashes Glue?

Eyelashes Glue

The main purpose for false eyelashes and mink eyelash extensions is to add drama to your eyes and make them look flirty. People who are allergic to eyelashes glue can still wear falsies that are self-adhesive.

What You Need To Know About Eyelashes Glue

If you want to protect your natural lashes and avoid damaging them using eyelashes glue, you have to attach them correctly. Generally, there are two types of lash adhesives:

  • Semi-Permanent Eyelashes Glue

This type of glue is mostly used for individual eyelashes. The glue is used to attach the falsies to the real eyelashes without touching the skin.

  • Latex Based Adhesive Eyelashes Glue

This type of glue is commonly used for strip lashes and attaches them directly to the skin. When it comes to what color of adhesive to use, there are two options: black and clear. Find out which works best for you and stick to that.

How To Appy False Eyelashes Without Eyelashes Glue

Listed below are steps that you should follow when applying eyelashes without eyelashes glue:

  1. Resize the eyelashes strip so that it fits perfectly on your upper lash line.
  2. Remove the strip that’s attached at the back of the self-adhesive eyelashes.
  3. Using your bare hands or tweezers, place the falsies along your lash line and gently press it downwards
  4. For a more natural look, apply some eyeliner on top of the eyelashes and a coat of mascara so that the falsies can blend in with your natural eyelashes.
  5. Avoid rubbing the eyes so that the eyelashes can stay in place for longer. If you need to remove them, use cotton that’s been soaked in eye makeup remover.
makeup with Eyelashes Glue

How To Protect My Natural Eyelashes From Being Damaged By Eyelashes Glue?

Some people have become so addicted to the full and lush appearance of fake eyelashes that they cannot leave the house without having a pair on. The repeated application of eyelash adhesive may result in damaged natural eyelashes especially if it’s not applied or removed in the right way.

The longer-lasting an eyelash glue is, the stronger the chemicals that it contains. This means that even though the lashes may stay on for a couple of days, there is more strain on your natural eyelashes.

If you want to protect your natural eyelashes as much as possible, make sure that the eyelashes glue does not come into contact with them. Instead, apply the falsies right above the natural lash line to protect your natural eyelashes from the strong chemicals present in the glue.

When it’s time to remove the fake eyelashes, do it slowly and surely so that none of your real eyelashes get pulled out in the process. The best way to do it is by using eyelash makeup remover or a wet piece of cloth. If you pull the lash strip off your eyelid, it could result in you losing quite a number of your natural eyelashes.

The good news is, even if your eyelashes get damaged, they will grow back in a couple of weeks.


Before making a purchase, always make sure that you read the ingredients and instructions carefully before applying. Also, if you use eyelashes glue and realize that it causes irritation, do not use it anymore.

Finally, you should consider using the eyelashes glue less often if you want to protect your natural eyelashes.

Eyelashes Glue and Eyelashes
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