How to Carry a Drawstring Bag


Drawstring bags are the new craze! These trendy bags have won the hearts of both young and old from all walks of life. In this fast-paced world, we live in, time is of the essence. A drawstring bag DIY would usually have a simple construction with one big pocket and one small one. You could also order for bulk backpack drawstring and customize them for your brand or for sale. A well-made drawstring bag uses one or two fabric to give you a sporty look and earn you warm compliments. 


Advantages of Using Drawstring Bags

You may be wondering whether you should join the new trend by using drawstring bags. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages these bags offer:

  • Easy to use

Most bags (know more) have different compartments that make it hard to find things most of the time. If you live a fast-paced kind of life, you should incorporate these bags into your lifestyle. With drawstring bags, you can access your stuff by loosening the drawstrings. You do not have to contend with clasps or zippers when you are in a hurry. Also, when you get what you want from the bag, pull the strings and you are good to go.

  • Easy to customize

No matter the material your drawstring bag comes in, you can customize it with ease. This is a way of personalizing it and giving it your own signature. You can print on the bags, stitch on them, add some pockets, and whatever else will make it look admirable.

If you are branding it for your business, you can print your company information and logo on the bags. Add some nuggets and patterns to make the bags look eye-catching.

  • Safe

Drawstring bags have a way of protecting items you place in them. The seams do not easily fall apart even when you place heavy items in the bag. More so, the drawstring handle will help you carry things comfortably without breaking. You can swing the bag after pulling it closed knowing that nothing will fall out. It is also pretty difficult to access the bag from outside without cutting it open. 

  • Compact

These bags lie so flat, making them easy to store even in a small space. With such compressible fabric, you can store your bag in a wardrobe, drawer, shelf, closet or another bag. Even your bulk backpack drawstring bags will not occupy as much space as other backpacks.

  • Portable

With drawstring bags, you can just pack and go. These bags are so portable that you can carry a whole lot in them around all day. The best part is, at the end of the day, you will not feel like you were carrying a heavy burden all day.


How to Carry a Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are becoming more popular for their easy customization, affordability, and versatility. There are a couple of cute ways you can carry your drawstring bags irrespective of the occasion. Whether your drawstring bag DIY is made of cotton, canvas, polyester, or tote, you can look glam with it. 

Here are five ways of carrying a drawstring bag you should consider trying out:

  • Try a formal look

There are occasions that call for a smart and presentable look. Interviews, business meetings, and presentations all call for something fashionable and convenient. You can choose leather, mesh or burlap bags to complement your formal dressing. When you decide which drawstring bag you prefer, put as many items as you need in it. A laptop, notebook, smartphone, make up kit and other items will fit in easily. The material of the drawstring bag you choose will determine how suitable it is as formal attire. 

  • Try floral prints

One of the best ways to rock your summer is to have a drawstring bag with floral prints. Flowers have a way of making anything look inviting and lovable. If your drawstring bag uses floral prints, it will be less plain and more interesting to look at. The floral prints can complement most female outfits, including skirts and dresses. This is a welcome contrast to the single solid tones of tote bags. 

You will do well to use a drawstring bag sporting floral prints with any of your single hue outfits. Take your floral drawstring bag with you to beach parties, dinner dates, or girls’ night out. You will look cool and smart.

  • Be glamorous with it

One of the trendy styles of drawstring bags is the cinch or clutch. There are beautiful, stylish cinch bags that will match your formal ballgowns. Add some fanciful stones and you will look glamorous enough to wow other ladies in any outing. If you personalize these bags well enough, you will make your own fashion statement. You can carry your trendy drawstring bag on your back while having a great time on the dance floor. 

  • Personalize it

How about having your own signature on something you carry with you. Drawstring bags are so easy to personalize and there are a lot of ways to do so. You can change the color, design, and size of the bag. You can even go ahead to stitch in your name, add sequins, and restring the bag. There are many beautiful ideas you could use for your drawstring bag DIY. It will be fun if you had bulk backpack drawstring to customize and either give out for free or sell out.

  • Stuff your supplies in it

The spaciousness and versatility of drawstring bags make it so useful. There are many drawstring bags uses, the most important of which is carrying stuff. If you are buying one for gym class, just throw in your towel, water bottle, socks, and other necessities. A lot of your stuff can conveniently fit into these lovely bags. You can actually ditch your regular gym bag for a drawstring bag.


Final Thoughts

Drawstring bags are perfect for any occasion if you know the best way to carry them. If your bags are boring, look upon drawstring bag DIY that will complement your clothes. You can maximize your drawstring bag uses by buying bulk backpack drawstring bags. If you have any demand for custom drawstring bags, welcome to inquire us at

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