How To Select The Best Smartwatch For Your Wrist Size


Different people have different wrist sizes. Therefore, a watch wrist size should be an essential factor to consider. Also, the wrist size of a smartwatch determines how good the watch will look on you. While shopping for a smartwatch, you will also notice that different brands have different wrist sizes for various smartwatches. For example, watch 3 in UK has no limitation on the wrist size straps. Below is a guide towards choosing the best smartwatch for your wrist size.

A guide towards choosing the best smartwatch for your wrist size

1. Determine wrist circumference

Determining your wrist circumference is crucial while deciding the proper watch case size for you. Thus, to get the right size, you will need to measure your wrist. The process of measuring your wrist size is relatively easy, and anyone can do it. You only need to get a tape measure and wrap it on your wrist. The critical point to note is that to get the right size. You need to envelop the tape measure around the wrist bone height.

If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string to wrap around the wrist and ensure that you use a marker to mark the exact position where the string starts and ends. You can then use a ruler and place the string on the ruler to measure the start and end of the string. The size you arrive at is your wrist circumference.

2. The thickness of the smartwatch case

The thickness of a smartwatch case is essential in determining the best wrist-size watch for you. Generally, in the market, the thickness ranges from 6mm to 8mm for the thinnest, a medium thickness of 8mm to 12 mm, and a thickness of 14mm to 18mm. The smartwatch’s thickness plays a crucial role in its overall appearance. Therefore, getting the right size, depending on your wrist size, is vital.

3. Diameter of a smartwatch case

The diameter of a watch draws people’s attention to your wrist. Therefore, it is crucial to get the perfect size for you. Generally, a man’s smartwatch diameter varies from 38mm to 46mm. Thus, anything outside the 38mm to 46mm can be considered too large or too small for a man.

Therefore, to get the correct diameter, you can use a wrist measurement. If your wrist measurement lies between 14cm and 18cm, the perfect watch for you is a medium or small watch with a diameter of 42mm, 40mm, and 38mm. But, if your wrist measurement is 18cm and above, then the diameter of your smartwatch case should range from 44mm to 46mm.

4. Strap width

The width of your smartwatch also plays an essential role in its overall appearance. If your watch case diameter is 42mm, then the strap should be 21mm. It means that the strap width should be half the watch case diameter.


A smartwatch, despite its innovation and technology use, is still a watch. Therefore, as a wearable, the watch’s appearance should be attractive and fit to size. Thus, measuring your wrist size will ensure you get the correct watch circumference and diameter. It will also ensure you can get the right strap width for your watch.

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