Types of Percussion Massage Guns You Should Know

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Massage is key to improving overall body health and wellbeing. You might want a simple way of relieving stress if you spend more time at a work desk or as an athlete. There are many types of massage tools in the market. Some are manual, requiring little effort from you while some are electric, e.g., handheld percussion massagers. In this extract, we discuss the different types of percussion massage guns.

Examples of Percussion Massage Guns

These types of guns offer percussive therapy. i.e., they apply pulses of concentrated pressure into the deep muscle tissue. Besides getting a traditional massage, you can use a handheld massage gun from the comfort of your home. The therapy has a wide range of benefits to the body, including improving the performance of individuals such as athletes. The different types include:

  • Theragun

It is one of the most popular massage gun brands and is scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deep into the muscle tissue. It helps with workout recovery by relieving soreness and muscle tension. It is triangular with three comfortable handles for gripping, lightweight, has four heads, thus providing precise relief, has a built-in battery, and comes with a travel case. It runs somewhat loud at 71 decibels on high. It is quite expensive due to its powerful nature and high quality.

  • Hypervolt

Unlike the theragun, Hypervolt only has one place to grip and can be slightly uncomfortable. It runs quietly at 54 decibels on its highest, thus a perfect option for relaxation as noise is produced. It has a detachable battery making it easier for one to switch and also long battery life. It has four separate head attachments, i.e., bullet, fork, flat, and round that are very effective, depending on muscle mass. The hyper volt massage gun is light in weight, making it easy to transport and comes with a three-speed setting of 1800,2400 and 3200; therefore, choosing the right speed is easy.

  • Tim Tam

It has a compact design, and shaft offers extreme power and improves its durability and general performance. It also has handles that you can comfortably grip on and reach your desired areas. You can feel the potential of it 2000 strokes per minute technology that is made possible by its 90 degrees articulating head. It gives the user more angle options and various ways to apply pressure. It comes with a lithium battery, charger, carrying case, and interchangeable tips that are sold separately. Its noise level is incredibly high and only has a one-speed setting.

  • Pleno M3.0

It is scientifically proven that vibration frequency helps to improve or increases the flow of blood, thus shortening the time each muscle takes to heal completely. You can adjust different frequencies and amplitudes to give you proper relaxation. It is designed with head attachments that help you to get to every muscle or trigger point in the body. It is portable and cordless, thus easy to carry without worrying about any cables.


There is a wide variety of massage guns in the market, each with its unique features and benefits. It is important to have background knowledge of the type and purpose of the gun you need before buying. Look for reviews given by other people so as you get a quality product.

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