How to Choose the Best Curling Wand


If you find yourself still struggling with your curling iron even after so many years of use, it is time to switch to a better curling device – the curling wand! Curling wands are considered to be a step up from curling irons because they are easier to use, gives volume to your curls, can easily help you curl near your scalp, has less heat damage, and the best of all – it has no clips or clamps that often leave crease marks or kinks on your hair.

You can see these wands slowly replacing the traditional curling iron you are using to in hair salons. The good news is they are affordable so you can own one yourself without having to break the bank! But when you start shopping for your first curling wand set, you may be overwhelmed by all the innovations, settings, and options that you can have.  This guide will help you narrow down those options so you can easily settle for the curling wand that suits your style and needs.

What wand shape should you get?

  • Cone – Cone-shaped wands have thick at the bottom and narrow at the top. The narrow rod on top gives more precise curls. With this wand, you can create full and large curls at the bottom and tighter and smaller curls at the narrow side. This is the best wand shape you can do if you want to do both large and small curls.
  • Straight – If you want uniformed curls, the straight wand is your best bet. Because of its shape, you can be assured that the shape and size of your curls are equal. This wand is best for those who curl their hair for a sophisticated look.
  • Interchangeable – Why have one when you can have both? Wands with interchangeable barrels allows you to choose barrels of different sizes and styles in one tool. With this curling wand set, you will be able to create any kind of curl you can think of. Of course, this type of curling wand can be very expensive. However, given its versatility and range, it is a worthy investment.

Material matters

Another thing that you should consider when shopping for a curling wand is its material.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic has a smooth surface which helps release your hair easily without it getting tangled. The heat distribution with a ceramic iron is also even all throughout the length of the wand so your hair gets the same temperature for every strand. One thing you have to look for with ceramic curling wands is that they can get very hot the longer you use them. It is best to get heat-resistant gloves if you choose this material.
  • Titanium – In the heat conduction department, titanium is considered to be the best. This is the wand material for you if you have super thick, coarse, or unmanageable hair. Titanium may be kind of expensive but you can be assured of its performance. Since titanium heats up faster, you spend less time than usual doing your curls.
  • Tourmaline – Tourmaline is a new material in the hairstyling industry so you barely see traditional hair irons made out of it. Tourmaline is made out of crushed semi-precious gemstone and this is fused on the curling wand along with a ceramic or titanium base. The gemstone prevents friction while you curl your hair so you do not have to worry about frizz or static. This material can be used on all hair types and it can handle damaged hair.

After reading this guide, you now know what type of wand shape and material is more suitable for your hair type, style, and needs. Remember, your curls are only as good as your curling tool. Get a curling wand to make your life easier and your curls more beautiful!

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