How to keep your vanity unit in excellent condition?


If you’ve recently purchased a vanity unit in your bathroom or already own one, you would have had to shell out a couple of hundred or thousands for it. (Have a good deal on bathtubs Sydney) So it would be in your best interest to take proper care of it if you want to get the right return on your investment.  

While you would first have to ensure that you go for a quality product, you also want to do all you can to keep your vanity unit in excellent condition. You can read up on a few suggestions on how you can get your bathroom cabinets to last a while.

Buy Quality

You don’t want to compromise on quality for any reason. While it may cost a bit for a durable product, it pays for itself in the years to come. You can be sure that the fittings such as the knobs and hinges wouldn’t fall off after a few months.

It would be best if you also looked out for cabinet materials with a glossy finish. They are usually the easiest to clean and don’t hold up many stains. If you opt for a wooden finish, check that it deals well with moisture, and you can easily wipe with a damp cloth without causing any dryness to the wood.

Clean Regularly

You want to clean your vanity units weekly. Remember, you spend more than 30 minutes in there every day, so it is easy for you to track in a lot of dirt over time. Rather than leaving the cleaning until when it becomes obvious, regular weekly inspections can help you detect faults and cracks if any.

The inside of the cupboards and drawers also require frequent attention. You will have to empty it and wipe it dry before putting the contents back. And you should be careful with the type of cleaning agent you use on your bathroom furniture. It is best to stick with natural products that are free from chemicals that can affect the paint or finish.

Check the room temperature

You want to also keep an eye out for those hot days. If you use wooden units or others that can be damaged by heat, you want to keep the wood from drying out. You don’t have to install an air-conditioning system as you can use a damp cloth to add in moisture on those hot summer days.

Another thing is to keep it away from different sunlight if you have it close to a window. Direct exposure to the sun and rain can result in wear and tear. So you want to be careful when installing cabinets near a window.

Avoid climbing on bathroom cabinets

Climbing on your vanity basin or bathroom sink could lead to severe injuries. Although they may look like they can hold a lot, they are just so much it can accommodate. And a kid or grown-up isn’t one of them. It would help if you also let the kids know not to play with the bathroom or kitchen cabinets.  

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