How a Watch Makes You Stylish


A wrist watch can’t go out of style. It’s so unfortunate that most people underestimate the power that a watch has to drastically transform their looks and give them a sense of style, elegance, and sophistication.

Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, the type of watch you wear really matters. Although there are very sophisticated and classy mechanical watches, you people should consider getting smartwatches like the Watch ES models. The world is moving at a very fast speed. Why should a few people lag?

Some people argue that wristwatches will soon become obsolete. I mean, why would you wear a wristwatch when you can just check the time from your phone? But a smartwatch has changed all that. They have become more functional than most people imagined.

So, the question is, how does a watch add to a person’s fashion sense? Do you want to find out?

Keep reading.

How a watch adds to your fashion sense

1. A watch is functional

Despite popular opinion, wristwatches are very functional. In fact, most products built by the military in the 19th century remained functional till date.

A wristwatch was used in the 19th century by military personnel to maneuver during war periods. Ever since then, they have been functionalized, rescripted, and redesigned to become this new functional time-telling machine that it is today.

But asides telling the time, smart wristwatches have gone beyond that. They have become very functional tools in tracking fitness levels. They have also been turned to mini smartphones that can send and receive messages, notifications from various apps, social media updates, etc.

So, instead of carrying your phone and being distracted by it, you can simply use a smartwatch. It’s not as interactive, but the distraction elimination is worth it.

2. A watch is convenient

Let’s look at it critically. A watch is extremely convenient.

Most people that claim that wristwatches are unimportant because of their phones are from a generation suffering from constant phone use, abuse, and addiction. If you’re in a public setting, getting your phone out in public consistently to check the time looks very clumsy and desperate.

Whether you’re in a casual or formal meeting, getting your phone out to check the time feels very rude to the people you’re supposed to communicate to. A watch is especially convenient in occasions that phones are meant to be concealed, like funerals, weddings, beaches, etc.

Checking your watch looks classier and more sophisticated.

3. A watch strengthens your relationship with time

How is this possible?

When you check your phone for time details, you can get easily distracted and disorganized by randomly checking social media updates or replying unexpected texts. But a watch keeps you alert and strengthens your relationship with time.

It reminds you that time is a limited resource, and as such, should be spent wisely. It makes you more conscious of how you spend your next 24 hours and puts you on the spot to do what you have to do for that day.

This is a relationship you can’t get if your time is monitored on your phone.

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