Is the Yoga Mat Really Necessary?


Yoga is a versatile practice that can be done both indoors and outdoors. But no matter where you do it, you need a handy travel yoga mat with you at all times. You may wonder why having a yoga mat is essential for yoga when you can probably do all poses on any surface. This guide will show you why the yoga mat is a must-have for everyone that wants to get the benefits of yoga in their life:

What is a yoga mat?

This is a rubber mat or a PVC mat that is made out of light, soft, and breathable material. Some of these mats come with their own bag so they can be carried easily. Others also come with built-in handles, so all you have to do is roll them and bring them around. Yoga mats come in different forms, materials, sizes, and colors.

What is the purpose of a yoga mat?

Keeps you safe

The yoga mat’s core purpose is to keep your feet and hands from slipping while performing yoga poses – especially ones that test your balancing skills. The material being used in yoga mats grips or sticks on the surface it is laid on so that you can confidently do your yoga poses without worrying about slipping all over the place.

Keeps you clean

Another purpose is that it is one way to keep you clean while performing yoga poses – no matter where you are. You can do yoga on the beach without having sand all over you because you are doing your poses on the mat. When you are out camping, you can still do yoga without having to touch the dirt on the ground. This is why getting a travel yoga mat is a good investment because you can easily take it anywhere.


The third purpose of the yoga mat is to serve as a type of insulation between the ground and the body. This means that you will not be losing any energy, heat, or charge when doing your yoga poses on a yoga mat.

Marking your space

Another purpose of the yoga mat is that it marks your space – especially when you are taking classes and have to do it with a group. Distance matters so you can fully move around without hitting other people. A yoga mat marks everyone’s personal space in the class. It lets everyone easily estimate how close or far they should lay their yoga mat around you.

As much as yoga poses stretch out our body and keeps us fit, they can also put you in serious danger when you try doing them without a yoga mat. So if you think you can do yoga without getting a yoga mat, you are wrong. Yoga mats are essential to keep you safe and clean – when a yoga practitioner requires you to get one, it is not a scam. You definitely will need it.

Besides, you have nothing to lose. Yoga mats are very affordable – you will definitely be able to find something that fits whatever budget you have.

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