The 4 Kinds of Natural Hair Wigs

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A natural hair wig is made from real human hair donated by people, especially from countries like China and India, after shaving due to some customs. The hair is then cleansed, sanitized, and inspected before a wig is made. The wigs have a longer lifespan and vast benefits, and most people prefer them to change the style, protect their hair from damage or cover up thinning hair, and as a fashion accessory. In this extract, we discuss the various types of natural hair wigs.

Types of Natural Hair Wigs

Good quality wigs are made to mimic the hairline and fit your head snugly. They come in different forms depending on your style and budget as they have different price ranges.

  • Full Lace

For this wig, the cap, being the base that is shaped like the head, is made entirely from lace. There is stretchable lace over the top of the crown to give room for hair growth and head size variations. It is versatile as it enables free wig parting anywhere and in any direction, and the hair can be styled naturally.

  • Lace Front

The lace front wig is the latest breakthrough in the beauty industry that has excellent benefits. This is a wig with a sheer lace panel on the hairline front attached to it, making it look more natural. The lace color is customized according to the person’s skin color to make it blend in. Not everyone is blessed with a shiny and thick hairline; thus, it is ideal for that. The hair strands are usually hand-sewn into the lace holes. The unit does not offer you full versatility as only the front part can be switched up when needed. However, some wigs allow you to wear halfway up, halfway down, but the rest of the cap cannot be parted.

  • U-Part

It is a hair extension that is easily worn to blend in with your hair. It has a u-shaped opening on the top with clips where you fix it on your head and cover its tracks with your hair. It should be the exact texture of your hair. To change up your style, you can dye, curl, or straighten it to your liking. An added advantage is that it adds instant volume and length to the hair.

  •  Half  Wig

It is the bottom half of a hair unit used when you don’t want to cover your entire hair. It is a good option if you’re not ready to get a full wig yet. It is advisable to have your hairline styled to cover the start of the wig.

  • Monofilament

The wig lace is made of fine nylon and a mesh blend. The wig cap is nearly transparent; hence it looks your skin color, so there’s no need to conceal. It is the most natural-looking wig, is flexible, and is suitable for people with sensitive scalps.


There are many wigs to choose from in the market. Natural hair wigs give you the ability to wear various styles depending on the type of wig and hairstyle needs.

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