Benefit Stay Flawless


This is just about the strangest product I’ve ever used, it’s basically a prit stick for your face. The texture is glue-like and it effectively works in the same way holding your makeup in place. It took me a few attempts and a lot of advice from my readers/viewers/twitterers to figure out how I should be using this but once I did it really did work. I was told by a Benefit makeup artist to apply it to my face and apply my foundation immediately, they weren’t specific so I did just that.. put it on my face then my foundation and eugh!! Horrid! Sounds obvious but you have to apply it and blend it out before you go in with your base. The next time I tried it I did my whole face at once.. still not great but since then I’ve learned that you’re supposed to do it in sections, cheek, forehead, chin etc. Primer, foundation, primer foundation and so on. It does work best that way but you’re bound to get some overlap where you blend primer into already primed and foundationed skin so it’s not perfect.

Benefit Stay Flawless
Benefit Stay Flawless

On top of the awkward application the finish doesn’t look natural (on me anyway) it’s a little thick/cakey looking so although it does increase the longevity of my makeup it doesn’t look as good as it would without. Another thing to note is it works better if you apply your foundation over top with a brush rather than your hands.. as I’m not a big fan of brushes for base this is another little personal irk. I will get this out if I’m in a situation when I have to be out from dawn til dusk but it definitely wont be a daily essential for me.

Have you tried this? Let me know how you’re using it and if you like it.. I’m not really big on primers to begin with so it may just be that I’m not used to them but I just didn’t love this and I really tried to!

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