How To Clean Your Bath Vanity Effectively


It is imperative to keep your bath vanities squeaky clean. Not only will this help in keeping your bathrooms sanitary, but it also plays a role in prolonging the durability of the vanity given the chemicals used in cleaning the bathroom can damage the surface of your cabinets and vanities. This could be an ideal weekend project not just for you but for the kids too. With the help of bathroom vanities Sydney, we shall discuss the basics of how to clean your bath vanity. 

vanity cleaning

Step 1– Determine the right material you will need to use to clean your vanity. One of the common kinds is cultured marble and stone countertop. Select a cleaning product that is safe for your bath vanity. The ideal cleaning products should state the type of surfaces they clean.

Step 2– This is a general rule. Typically, pumice cleaners can easily scratch your polished surfaces. The ones that make use of the more exceptional pumice elements suspended in water can be pretty safe for the surface. Test an agent before using it to clean the entire vanity.

Step 3– Clear the surface of your vanity. You can do this by removing anything you have displayed on top of the vanity. These items include rags or make-up kits.

Step 4– You should now be prepared to clean your vanity. Use the products you have selected for that task. Consider the following directions to avoid damaging the surface. That said, you can also open a window if the cleaning odor is strong.


Step 5– Remember to clean the faucet- you may have noticed that hard water can quickly leave a couple of deposits behind. To solve that, consider using detergent to dissolve them. Once more, read the instructions carefully. Go ahead and use white vinegar in softening the deposits. Remember, you shouldn’t use acids such as vinegar if the vanity top is designed from stone and concrete. Hard water deposits will clearly solidify, thereby making them impossible to remove when the sediment has collected.

Step 6 – Use a fresh cloth to rinse the counter. Here, it would be best if you also focused on drying off the vanity. After that, you should replace the items you had removed from the counter of the vanity once it is dry.


Notable Tips to Remember

Now that you have garnered vital cleaning tips for your bath vanity, you also need to take the following tips with you:

  • If at all, you see a product that does not say which surface you should use it on, then you can always contact the retailer of your bath vanity to find out. They should be able to give insight on harmless treatments to avoid.
  • Also, if you need to restore the shine of your vanity, we highly recommend that you use floor wax. Consider rubbing it gently using a rag and then allow it to dry.
  • Now, vinegar is an ideal substance to use in getting rid of various stubborn sediments and stains.
  • Once applied on the surface, you should use a clean cloth to make circular moves and ensure that it is wiped off.


Take precautions when cleaning your vanity. Ensure that you do not inhale fumes from the detergent and other cleaners. Remember to clean your hands after washing the surfaces. To be safe from this, invest in organic cleaners at the local grocery store.

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