Essential Details About Applying False Lashes


False eyelashes, simply known as lashes or fake eyelashes, are small clusters of either synthetic or human hairs that are glued together in a manner that resembles natural eyelashes. The lashes can be manufactured from synthetic fibers like silk or animal furs like mink and fox. They are among the most commonly used beauty products in the market. The role of false eyelashes is to increase the volume of your natural eyelash. Some people also wear them as a way of achieving a dramatic effect or a certain look. The false lashes are available in different brands and types like 25MM mink lashes. In this extract, we will be looking at the basics of applying false lashes.

Choosing the best type of eyelash

There are three categories of lashes in the market. The first one is made up of lashes that are manufactured from animal fur. These lashes are the costliest and the hardest to find in stores and salons. The reason why they are costly is that they are of better quality. They are also quite lightweight, and they give you a natural look.

The other category is made up of lashes that are manufactured from synthetic fibers like silk. These are the most popular in the market because they are cost-efficient. However, they are further away from the appearance of a natural lash than the latter. They are also a bit heavier. They are the best kind for people who are looking to achieve a darker and more dramatic look. Finally, we have the human hair lashes. These are the least common because they are very expensive. However, they are natural-looking and lightweight.

Factors to consider when choosing lashes

Below are a few features you need to consider when choosing between the several types of lashes

  • The look you want to achieve
  • How natural are they?
  • The weight and whether or not you are comfortable with them
  • The length and diameter
  • The cost of acquiring and how easily you can find them

Applying False Lashes

When applying false lashes, you need an eyelash adhesive. This is a type of glue that is used to keep the lashes attached to your natural ones. You must choose the correct type of adhesive. Make sure that the product is safe, it lasts, and it is waterproof as well. Also, make sure that it is compatible with the type of eyelashes that you have.

Another important factor of applying false lashes is the placement. About the placement, you need to start with the base of the lashes. The base should be placed just above the line of your natural lashes. The same goes for the lower eyelid. However, most people only apply false lashes on the upper eyelid. Make sure that the natural lashes and the false ones blend in well together.


Note that it is important to apply other eye makeup products before you apply the fake lashes. This is because the exaggerated length and fullness will keep you from applying products like eyeliner and eye shadow. The mascara, however, always comes after the lashes.

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