Crown Brushes


This isn’t really ‘splurge week’ exclusive as Crown brushes are actually very reasonably priced (especially the selection I have here) but I thought I’d include it anyway.

Jumbo Chisel Powder – £13.99 here / Tapered Duo Fibre Blush – £10.49 here/ Oval Shadow – £2.99 here / Angled Blender – £2.59 here

Other than Real Techniques (review here) most of my brushes came in generic sets, they’re all the same cookie cutter shapes and I wanted something different. Browsing the selection online is pretty overwhelming, there are a lot to choose from and even those I picked aren’t quite what I’d expected but I love that they’re unique within my collection and the two face brushes have become every day staples. I’m pretty heavy handed with my blush so a smaller duo fibre brush such as this had been on my wishlist for a while, this is an absolute gem.. in fact I may have to buy a spare. The Chisel Powder is also great because although it’s big and fluffy it’s also flat which gives a narrow edge with which you can add detail like contour/highlight. They’re all fairly short handles (by comparison to MAC/Sigma etc) so this in particular will be a good travel multi-tasker. The eye brushes are interesting but I haven’t found a regular use for them yet.. I’m working on it.

I did experience some shedding with the powder brush at first but since washing it it seems to be fine

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