Application Procedure and Merits of Using Nail Gel


Nail gel (ongle gel) is a thin liquid fluid applied over natural nails or acrylics. In the presence of UV light, it turns into a hard coating that’s chemical resistant. There are two types of nail gel, i.e., soft gel, which is broken down and removed by acetone, and hard gel, which is not affected by acetone and is durable. It can be bought from online shopping sites like Ali Express and use from the comfort of your home or go to a salon. In this extract, we look at how nail gel is applied and its benefits.

Application Process of Nail Gel

a. Preparation

Wash hands, scrub your nails and dry them before starting the process.

  1. File your nails to the preferred shape and length.
  2. Push back and remove the cuticles using a metal cuticle pusher
  3. Buff to remove the shine using a buffing block. Ensure the block isn’t dull to achieve this.
  4. Clean the dust off by either rewashing the hands or using a damp cloth or wipes.

b. Base Coat

Once the nails are clean and dry, apply a thin basecoat layer. Ensure you’ve got even coverage on every part of the nail. Cap the free edge of the nail by swiping the brush over it. Put your hand in the UV lamp and cure for at least 60 seconds. The coat is usually sticky, so make sure it’s not ruined by anything.

c. Colour Coat

Apply the nail gel in layers and leave a gap of approximately 1mm between the skin and nail edge to avoid skin contact. After putting on the first layer, cap the edge with the gel and place your hand in the UV lamp for at least 60 seconds.

Apply a second layer and repeat this step.

d. Top Coat

Once the gel is cured, apply a thin layer of topcoat on the entire nail, cap the free edge and place it in the lamp again to cure. This layer protects your nails and creates a long-lasting shine.

Benefits of Nail Gel


When applied and cured well, nail gel can go for weeks without peeling off, chipping, or breaking, unlike regular nail polish. Its longevity saves you money and frequent salon trips.

b.Dries Faster

Regular polish takes close to an hour to dry completely and is prone to damages. Nail gel dries quickly, and you can touch things without thinking of smudges. The UV light makes the gel color stick to the nail quickly.

c. Nail Protection

The curing of the gel prevents particles such as dust and other pollutants from reaching the nail. The gel strengthens weak nails and gives them time to rejuvenate. When removing the gel, seek professional help to ensure the nails remain intact.

e.Easy to Experiment

Nail gel comes in many colors that you will love if you enjoy playing around with designs. They range from bright colors, bold or metallic. It’s easy to apply and achieve your preferred design since each layer is cured.


Nail gel is the best choice for anyone wishing to express their personality. It makes the nails look and feel natural but with a touch of glam. Follow the application process carefully to achieve the perfect gel nails.

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