A Guide on How to Design Custom Jewellery


Customization or personalization of jewellery is a process that most people are leaning towards recently. Not finding exactly what you’re looking for creates the need to have jewellery designed just for you. Pieces like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are designed based on your idea to create the perfect jewel that matches your style and personality. They are ideal gifts for your friends or loved ones or personal use to add to your collection. Click on Medaillon mit foto for high-quality and unique jewellery. In this post, we look at the process of creating custom jewellery.

Process of Creating Custom Jewellery

Jewellery customization is usually done from scratch and developed progressively till the desired product is achieved. The steps taken include;

1. Consultation With the Dealer

It is the most critical step since it kickstarts the design process. After identifying the company you wish to work with, you book an appointment with them. If you choose a physical store, you can meet the designer one-on-one or through a zoom call for online stores. Also, for online shops, you have to select the materials you want via video call, so if you’re the kind that wants to feel the metal and stones, online companies are not suitable for you.

Talk about why you want the jewellery piece, the story behind it, how you’d want it to look like, the metal you want, and the color. Remember to mention any allergies you may have to avoid materials that trigger the reaction. The designer then makes a few sketches as a base and builds them up slowly over time.

2. CAD Rendering

It refers to the creation of 3D models using photorealistic images. Jewellery is rendered to see how the end product will look even before the design process begins. With this look, you are free to point out what you like and don’t like so that the designer can alter it or add more elements like birthstones. The disadvantage of this process is that it takes a long time to produce one image. However, as the client, you have to be patient since it limits the risks of creating imperfect pieces.

3. Wax Model

Proper rendering of the custom jewellery into the 3D model requires this step. Wax models are suitable for creating cast pieces and setting design details. A representation of the jewellery details is made, which features the exact spots where the stones will be positioned. Wax models are available in different forms, and it’s the designer’s work to explain them to you for a better understanding.

4. Casting and Finishing

In this step, the metal jewellery is made from the rendering service. The jewellery is carved making the details more visible, and then texturing and shining are done. Birth or gemstones are then placed in their places, and the piece is finally inspected to ensure all standards are met.


Custom jewellery is made according to your preference and budget. The money you are willing to spend determines the type of metal or gemstones the designer will use. The customization process may take a longer time, but the final product is worth it all.

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