Weekend Haul


You know you’re a shopaholic when you have a really tough week and desperately want to go shopping – well I guess it’s better than drinking, right? We took a trip to our local haunt on Saturday morning and finally got Hollister early enough to navigate the store with a puschair in towe long enough to actually look at the clothes. Can we just take a minute actually to talk about Hollister? What is with that store? I mean I get that they’re trying to create a sense of atmosphere and when it first opened I couldn’t get enough but now I would really like to be able to see what I’m buying. Despite the dark I managed to find this jumper for me and a tshirt (not pictured) for Lee for around £10 each which is a total bargain. The jumper is a large but it doesn’t look it, it appears to be intentionally oversized so I dread to think what a small would have looked like.. even in menswear Lee has to go a size up.. unless we’re having a Shallow Hal moment the sizes in there are tiny!

Then I took my obligatory trip to Boots where I was looking for the new Summer Essie minis (check) and a new facial cleanser for when my current balm runs out. I went to Sanctuary as lots of people tweeted me after my skincare update telling me they did one but it was not to be found.. is that right or were a whole hoard of people entirely mistaken? Instead I decided on the Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil from their anti-ageing range (never too early right?) and as I told you guys in yesterdays post there was freebie in the mix of this Body Souffle.. awesome, in case you were wondering. I picked up some Tresemme 60 second hair treats (I bought a Dove one of these the other day so expect a comparison/review soon) on the way out and that was me done.. pretty restrained, huh? Well… I did also pop in to TK Maxx for a new nightie and came out with a box of Lucky Charms for Lee.. and similar thing happened when I went to pick up the new Sims expansion from Asda with a PS3 game to keep Lee busy.. mmm.. I fear current work stresses have made me a compulsive shopper but soon enough my income will be massively reduced so my logic is spend it while you’ve got it – I know I know I should replace that with save..

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