The Best Ways to Use Your Canvas Bags


Canvas bags are popular options for baggage these days – whether you need it for school, work, shopping, traveling, or the gym. They are lightweight and convenient to carry around as a second bag that you can stash in your car’s glove compartment or place in your purse.

However, most canvas bags have fewer pockets. The cheaper tote bags do not have any at all. This leaves you with lesser organizing options. If you want more pockets, you will have to buy the high-end canvas bags that comes with multiple pockets. So, how do you organize your canvas bags?

Here are some tips on helping you start off on the right foot when it comes to organizing the contents in your canvas bag.

Use the main space for bulky and heavy items

Place all the heavy and bulky items in the main space of your canvas bag first. This way, your smaller items such as your keys or your wallet will not be stuck at the bottom and you will be able to retrieve them easily.

Use interior open pockets for items that need to be close at hand

If your tote bag has interior pockets, use them to keep items that are not so valuable but needs to be within reach all the time. This can be your pen or a hairbrush. This will save you a lot of time instead of spending minutes having to rummage around your canvas bag.

Use interior zipped pockets for your valuables

If your canvas bag has a zipped interior pocket, use this to store your valuables. Your valuables are items that should be kept safe such as your keys, wallets, and ID.

Use external pockets for items but keep that side on your body

Some quality canvas bags have external pockets. You can use zipped ones for storing your valuables too. If the pockets are open ones, make sure these are items that you do not mind losing just in case. No matter what type of pocket, make sure that the zipper is on the side that is stuck to your body. This ensures that people who bump into you will not have access to it. You can keep your smartphone in it too for easy access.

Make use of pouches

If you are using a canvas shoulder bag or tote bag that does not have any pocket at all and it is open, make use of pouches! Pouches can keep your valuables and smaller items from falling off your open tote bag. You can have a separate pouch for your valuables, a separate pouch for your makeup products, and a pencil case for your pens. It depends on the items that you need to carry with you every day. Pouches come at very affordable prices so you definitely will not have a hard time getting one!

Canvas bags are made to be versatile

The lack of pockets may come from the fact that canvas bags are made to be versatile. They are usually foldable and used as a secondary bag so having pockets would somehow affect how foldable they can get. This also makes it easier to be used for multiple purposes – you can use them in the gym, at the beach, when you go shopping, and even when you go to work or school.

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