The Beginners Guide to Buying Lolita Clothes Online


In the world of fashion, a multitude of various styles and trends are available. Nowadays the Lolita culture that originated in Japan is taking the world by storm. Though Lolita fashion is now readily available if you are new to this subculture getting confused on how to go about choosing Lolita clothes is expected. Below are tips you can use as a guide especially when making your purchases online.

  • Know your measurements

Lolita clothes tend to come with a fitted dress top and a flowing skirt. As it heavily borrows from victoria style era, its uniqueness of having a fitted waist stays true. As different batch products can differ in sizing with those from the same company, it’s imperative to have your particular bust, waist and hip measurements. Before deciding to navigate an online store, schedule an appointment with a seamstress or whip out your measuring tape and take the measurements yourself.

  • Check the size charts.

Now that you have an idea of your exact measurements put this to use by checking the size charts. With various online stores popping up everywhere, do due diligence on your part by scrutinising what their size charts mean. With manufacturers reducing the size number of dresses everywhere, it’s imperative to compare what your actual size is with the designers own measuring chart. Remember, just because you wear a dress size six from one company does not mean you will universally be a size six. 

Lolita culture
Lolita culture
  • Read the reviews

There is still a lot of mystery that comes with the Lolita culture. Unfortunately, this feature proves to be frustrating when looking for stores to make your purchases. However, take advantage of customer reviews online and get a real perspective on the Lolita clothes you want to purchase. Read through the comments to gain valuable information about the sizing and exact fit. Gathering this information allows you to make well-informed decisions that will save you from purchasing overly tight or ill-fitting dresses.

  • Research materials used  

The importance of researching the kind of material used cannot be overemphasized. Ideally, Lolita clothes were initially made from lace, frills and cotton. However, with increased popularity, it is not uncommon to come across Lolita clothes made from hard polyester that gives it sand like feel. Get to know various material compositions and how it feels from your existing wardrobe. Take note of what feels itchy or stuffy. Use this knowledge when choosing your purchases online steering clear of material compositions that will leave your skin irritated.

Lolita culture
Lolita culture
  • Watch videos

Even when you have covered all your bases when considering how to choose a dress, it’s challenging to know its behaviour when you put it on. Unfortunately, even the best Lolita dress in a photo can act like a wet paper towel clumping at your knees when you walk. To avoid this, take every opportunity to see how it behaves in live action. As most stores now offer videos of models showcasing their dresses, take advantage of this and do your research on the pieces you want to invest in.


If you are starting with the Lolita culture, it might take some time to get to know what kind of Lolita clothes that suits you. However, take it slow and only invest in classical pieces. Above all, be sure to reach out to your local seamstress to make every purchase you make well worth it.

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