Dry erase magnetic vent calendar boards for fridge

Dry erase magnetic vent calendar boards

A dry erase magnetic calendar boards for refrigerator and fridge has several uses. You can get the most out of them if only you can open yourself up to the different possibilities. They are most commonly used for promotional purposes, but there is a lot more.

Asides creating awareness for your business, magnetic calendar boards are important relationship-building tools. With these instruments, you can build the relationships that will take your business to the next level. This is very different from many other forms of advertising that can easily be discarded.

These calendars are loved by clients so you can gift them magnetic calendar for the fridge or dry erase magnetic calendar. With these calendars scattered around their offices and homes, they will hardly forget your business.

That being said, here’s a simple question. Asides a magnetic calendar, what other forms of promotion is relevant all year round? Let’s see how you can get the most of these calendars to boost your business.

Anchoring your yearly marketing plan on a magnetic calendar

Therefore, It is imperative that real estate agents reach out to their prospects and clients at least six times every year. One of the proven ways of keeping in touch in this line of business is the use of these calendars. So how do you use them?

Try mailing magnetic calendar for the refrigerator (know more) to the names on your marketing list at the beginning of the year. You could also provide them magnetic calendar boards from Zigpac which will contain several key details. Details such as selling and buying tips, referrals for leads and re-orders, and a space for notes.

You’d be surprised at how fast this will make your business grow. Wondering the secret of most real estate agents? This is exactly what they do.

To present a polished image of your business choose a customized printed version

Moreover, with a poor business image, you will attract very little attention to your business, or no attention at all. In business, image is everything. This is why you must present clients and prospects the best image of your business you can come up with.

Before mailing out any magnetic calendar, ensure that it has your business image customized on it. At Zigpac you can print your magnetic calendar for the fridge or dry erase magnetic calendar. Costs are reasonable, not over the edge.

This way, you present your clients and prospects your best image, image is an impression that lasts a lifetime. You always want to get it right.

Dry erase magnetic vent calendar boards

Specialty magnetic calendars for distinct groups and individuals on your list

To build relationships with individual clients or groups, you need to focus on their specific needs. This gives them a sense of belonging and the feeling that you want to serve them better. Building such valued relationships are key to lifting your business to new heights.

In addition, try to relate with clients to know what exactly would appeal to them. Some clients would prefer calendars with food recipes, others would prefer inspirational quotes. Obviously, you can’t mix both on the same calendar, you need to personalize the calendars instead.

Also, busy mothers or other senior clients might require a larger magnetic calendar because of the note spaces or planning blocks. Try doing this and see the amazing results it will yield with respect to business growth.

Consistency is key

One way clients will know that you are still in business is by mailing them calendars. Whichever you choose, magnetic calendar for refrigerators or dry erase magnetic calendar, it doesn’t matter. The idea is for them to remember that your business exists and it can provide them solutions.

Once this is consistent, your clients will start to expect them periodically. So you must ensure that they get these calendars at the exact time they are expected. The frequency and timing are very important.

Dry erase magnetic vent calendar boards

Rather than greeting cards, try magnetic calendars

Once upon a time, greeting cards during holiday periods was the rave of the moment. It is not like they are obsolete, it’s just that you can put a twist to that these days. Have you considered designing your calendars in greeting card format?

Did you just smile at the thought of that? You should because it is a great idea that you should consider trying out. Design your next batch of calendars with a greeting card themed cover and mail them around the holiday period.

In addition, to boost their appearance, you can try an embossed foiling finish and see how attractive they’d turn out. Send them along with magnetic calendar boards for the refrigerator to your top clients with a customized message. You’d be surprised at how much they will appreciate the gesture.

Order early to save more

As the year winds down, the prices of these calendars skyrocket. This should be expected considering the fact that this is the period when the demand is highest. This is why we advise that you make your orders as early in the year as possible.

Here’s a quick tip, the best time of the year to order is June, this is when they are cheapest. Zigpac will also provide you a discount on shipping prices at this time.

Dry erase magnetic vent calendar boards

You don’t have to go through the mailing stress

It can be a really cumbersome process to stuff envelopes with calendars, seal them, and mail them out. Here’s the good news, you don’t have to go through that stress. With a little token, that burden can be lifted and you can get more for your money.

Asides customizing your magnetic calendar for the fridge, envelopes can be customized as well. Your return address, mailing address, and in some cases postal indicia can be added to the envelopes. Don’t you just love the idea of this?

Moreover, all you need to do is provide your supplier with information regarding all of these and your mailing list. The mails leave the post office on your behalf and sent to every single address you desire.

Getting the Most out of Magnetic Calendars roundup

By now you must be convinced that magnetic calendars are the next best thing after the personal computer. They could totally turn your business around and skyrocket sales. To order some, visit Zigpac.

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