This morning I’m playing interior designer after a company called Londn Offices (who rent 1000’s of serviced office spaces across central London) contacted me to take part in a competition they were running. With £300 of vouchers at stake I sat last night and read exactly what I needed to do. I had to create an office environment of my choice. What would the colour scheme be? Where would I draw my inspiration from? What kind of facilities would it have?

So of course I wanted to create a creative hub. Somewhere that bloggers and freelance writers could come,  check in and work, but I didn’t want it to look too gimmicky. Forget bright Ikea furniture and beanbags. It still had to look chic. Imaging blogging for the 25+ age group. It would be like a freelance studio where you could rent desks by the day. With that said, here’s just some of the inspiration I brought together to start off.

Design aspects would include the following:

  • Exposed brick walls
  • A blackboard wall for all to write on
  • Indoor garden with lots of cacti – that way no one needs to remember to water the plants
  • A bar which opens from 5pm onwards for after work drinks
  • An area perfect for bloggers with a huge amount of different backgrounds and backdrops to take photographs on
  • A chilled out seating area with a magazine library, including magazines from across the world and independent magazines to help with creativity
  • Coffee stations with a variety of different blends and syrups. Everyone knows a freelancer’s vice is coffee
  • An Instagram wall where people can print out and hang up their favourite Instagram pictures

Imaging a big open plan loft space, like you’d find in New York. Huge windows so the place would be incredibly light. When you work in a creative environment open plan is perfect so you can bounce ideas of other people. This wouldn’t be like any normal work place as everyone knows a freelancers job isn’t nine to five so this workspace would be open 24 hours, with energy saving lighting and a code to gain entry for safety.

In terms of colour palette and texture I’d want one wall of exposed brick. Brushed metal and copper would bring an industrial feel to it, while this is juxtaposed with timber and greenery. I’d even have an indoor garden because everyone knows how good plant life is for general well-being.

And my favourite part of the whole office? Taking inspiration from the Instagram HQ – a free pic’n’mix for those times when only sweets will do. Here are a few bits I’ve found online to help you create this look in your own home. How amazing is this arrow sign by the way?

  1. Broadway Arrow Table Lamp £ 2. Be Happy Print £44 Bodie and Fou 3. Metro Eames Style Office Chair £99.00 Atlantic Shopping 4. Rankin Desk in Black Metal £299.00 5. Venturi Left Hand Facing Sofa £1249.00  Ikea 6. Knodd Bin with Lid £16.00 7. Love, Life and Family Print £44.00 Bodie and Fou 8. Starkey Statement Cluster Light £79.00
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