How To Choose The Right chain Length for a Photo Necklace

Photo Necklace

Purchasing a photo necklace is a stylish fashion investment to add to your fashion style and personality. Choosing the right length for your photo necklace is critical to ensure that you complete your fashionable look while being comfortable.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the appropriate necklace chain length. Check out below for some essential tips.

Determine Your Neck Size

People have different neck sizes, and this determines the type of necklaces they wear. The aim is to balance between fashion and comfort. As a result, before you set foot into your favourite jewellery store, it will be imperative that you get your neck measurement right.

Personalized photo necklaces come with different chain lengths. 10 to 14-inch chains will fit perfectly if you have a small neck size and you want it to fit closer to the neck. If you have a large neck, a 16-inch chain will be appropriate. For maximum comfort, then 18-20-inch chain will do fine.

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Determine Your Height and Body Frame

Balance your height and body frame to the chain length of your personalized photo necklace. If you have a long height and big body frame long chain necklaces are the best since they will accentuate your height and body frame.

For short height and small body frame, 24-inch chain necklaces are recommended as they tend to elongate the short height and small body frame while sitting comfortably on the collarbone. Regular height and body frame go well with any chain length.

Determine the Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face will help determine the length of the chain fitted on your photo necklace. Standard facial descriptors include oval, round, square, and heart-shaped faces.

People with oval faces can rock any length if body shape and height are considered. If you have a round face, a long chain photo necklace is recommended as it will allow you to showcase your photo.  

With the right chain length, your strongest facial features will be well accentuated while giving your face another dimension.

Determine Your Outfit Collection

Photo necklaces are a piece of jewellery that helps complement your overall style. The length of your photo necklace and outfits should strike a balance.  Take into consideration your style and the outfits you possess in your closet.

For outfits with V-neck tops, lengths that mimic the cut of the top are the best. For strapless outfits, short chains are the best as they will compliment your outfit. Mid-length photo necklaces will match well with turtlenecks.

The aim is to ensure that your photo necklace is easily visible and fits well with your outfit.

Personal Style and Comfort

How do you feel when you wear short length necklaces or long chain necklace? Are you comfortable with one or the other? Well, regardless of the standard rules it is ultimately your personal decision. You need to go for chain lengths that you feel you will be comfortable with.

Likewise, if it is hard for you to find the right chain necklace, another choice would be to opt for photo necklaces that have adjustable chains. It will allow you to set your preferred length depending on the outfit, style, and occasion without having to invest in different necklaces with different chain lengths.

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