With a free Saturday (apart from a spin class this morning which I was dreading, but actually quite enjoyed), I decided to get my craft on and make some candle holders from some spare jam jars I had piling up in a cupboard.
It was so hard to find candles to fit in these jars, I ended up going to Asda, Wilkinsons, Dunelm Mill, The Range and B&M Home Bargains – not that I minded, these shops are like heaven to me. I always spot so many gorgeous pieces for my house, especially in The Range, I could spend a fortune in there.
So I went back to school and got the PVA glue out, starting with some clean empty jam jars and using masking tape to make a nice straight line before sprinkling a little silver glitter on.

Whilst I was in Dunelm Mill, I noticed they had some really nice beaded ribbon so picked up two meters worth for £5. With super glue I attached that to some of the jars which didn’t have glitter on, and along the line on the jars that did.

I popped them along my window sill and think they came out really well. My camera didn’t pick up the detail because I couldn’t seem to get it to focus properly with low lighting, but I think you can still see the finished article pretty well below. All these came in at just over £15 including the six candles from The Range, and they make the perfect Christmas window decorations or table setting focal point.


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